New York, NY, April 17, 2003
1 web development has been awarded a contract from the Prudential Financial Corporation.

New York, NY, July 10, 2003
1-web-development has been awarded a contract from the Merrill Lynch Financial Corporation



Windows NT and ASP:

    Active Server Pages (ASP) in IIS 3.0 affords us the same level of security that NT itself offers. The benefit of this is the ability to develop Web sites tightly integrated with the Windows NT security model. Consultants at 1-WEB-DEVELOPMENT know how to develop a secure site where IIS and ASP run under Windows NT.

    Security Check

    Anything we do in Windows NT will involve some type of security check. If a user attempts to access a file or tries to log on to a workstation, a security check will happen. If another machine attempts to access a file or resource, a check will also be performed. This is especially important when you consider the function of Internet Information Server. It allows Web browsers to access files on a Windows NT machine.

    An Important Point

    An important point to note here is that access privileges for any file requested are always checked. For a file to be safe from the general public, we need to restrict access to the file using Windows NT file permissions.

    Using Secure Protocol

    Consultants at 1-WEB-DEVELOPMENT will make sure that information transmitted is secure in the function of the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and/or Private Communications Technology (PCT).

    Databases Securities

    Each database has its own independent permissions system. In other words, being granted permission to perform a given task in one database has no effect in other databases.


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