New York, NY, April 17, 2003
1 web development has been awarded a contract from the Prudential Financial Corporation.

New York, NY, July 10, 2003
1-web-development has been awarded a contract from the Merrill Lynch Financial Corporation




Web development has steadily gotten easier as HTML builders like FrontPage have entered the market. However to get beyond a very basic Web site, one needs to know how to write client-side scripts in VBScript or JavaScript. FrontPage will give you the ability to create dynamic Web pages, but it won't allow the user to interact with the server. Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts, which are server-side programs, required in order to accomplish this task. And CGI has its roots on the UNIX operating system, so all of our developers at 1-WEB-DEVELOPMENT.COM are familiar with it.

Active Server Pages, on the other hand, takes the best of what Web development was and makes it even better. ASP is a new server-based technology developed by Microsoft and designed to build dynamic, interactive applications for the Web or a LAN-based Intranet. It's included with version 3.0 or later of Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), the family of related server products geared toward Web development. At IIS's core is the HTTP server, which is responsible for serving HTML content in response to requests from Web browsers. ASP,DLL, another component of IIS, is called on to interpret scripts and return HTML whenever a file with an .ASP extension is requested from a Web site. We create these script files, instead of or in addition to static HTML files, so that we can add the power of programming to the cross-platform, thin-client model of HTML.


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