Development of mobile applications for iOS and Android

High quality standard at all stages of development: analysis, audit, UX, design, architecture, design, development, testing


Mobile application design includes analyzing user needs, developing a concept, creating a prototype, defining the functionality and architecture of the application. The main goal of this stage is to create a clear understanding of how the application will work and interact with the user before moving on to design


The mobile app design development stage includes the creation of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The process includes creating layouts, choosing a color palette, fonts, icons, as well as placing and interacting with elements on the screen. The goal is to ensure the convenience, attractiveness, and efficiency of user interaction with the application


Mobile application development includes programming the functionality and structure of the application in accordance with the requirements and design, backend development (if necessary), integration of external services, testing on various devices and platforms, and preparation for publication in application stores (App Store, Google Play)

Stages of mobile app development

  • 1

    We research similar apps, identify competitors, analyze their functionality, design, and marketing strategies

    from 5 days
  • 2

    Creating the concept, interface, and architecture of the application before development. This includes analyzing user needs, creating a prototype, developing UI/UX design, and defining functionality

    from 7 days
  • 3

    The goal is to create a user-friendly, attractive and effective design that will provide a positive experience of interaction with the application for users

    from 14 days
  • 4

    The process of programming the application's functionality and structure in accordance with the requirements and design. Includes backend development (if necessary), integration of external services

    from 30 days
  • 5

    Checking the functionality, interaction, and stability of the application on different devices and platforms. This includes testing the correctness of functions, compliance of design and interface with specifications, as well as identifying and eliminating errors

    from 10 days
  • 6
    Publishing and support

    Preparation and publishing of the application in the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. After the publication, it is important to provide ongoing support, update functionality, and respond to user requests

    from 2 days

Our mobile app development cases

The application allows users to browse the product catalog, set up search filters, read descriptions and reviews, and add products to the cart. The intuitive interface provides an easy checkout and payment process.

Developing a mobile application for your business

The development of a mobile application for business is aimed at creating an innovative and convenient tool that will help you attract new customers, increase the loyalty and convenience of servicing existing ones, and optimize work processes.

Our main goal is to create high-quality mobile applications that will take your business to the next level. We work to provide our clients, their customers, and employees with great opportunities. With a mobile application, you can optimize and standardize processes, improve sales, provide effective staff training, and organize the planning and control of work tasks. All this will be available thanks to a user-friendly interface, smart automation, and gamification elements.

The team at 1 Web Development specializes in developing mobile apps that are aimed at the specific needs of your business. We start the project with a thorough study of the target audience to understand their needs and requirements. Our experienced developers will create an application with a high-quality interface and functionality that optimizes workflows and increases the efficiency of your business.

Ongoing support and maintenance after the release of the app will ensure that it functions smoothly and meets the needs of your audience.

Our goal is to create an application that will be not only a tool for your business, but also a key factor in your success.

Developing a mobile application for your business
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How is the cost of developing a mobile application formed?

How is the cost of developing a mobile application formed?

Developing a mobile application is a complex process that involves numerous aspects from idea to launch and support. The cost of developing mobile applications can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the type of platform, complexity of the application, interface design, and functionality.

1. Selecting a platform

The choice between iOS and Android can have a significant impact on development costs, as these platforms have different coding and testing requirements. Developing native apps for both platforms is usually more expensive than choosing one platform. An alternative is to use cross-platform technologies such as React Native or Flutter, which can reduce overall development costs.

2. Design and user experience

App design and UX (user experience) can significantly increase the cost of development, but they are critical to ensuring high user engagement and satisfaction. Professional interface design and intuitive navigation schemes require time and experience from designers.

3. The complexity of the functionality

The complexity of functional requirements has a significant impact on development costs. Simple applications require less time and resources to develop, while more complex applications, such as games with high-quality graphics or e-commerce applications with payment system integration, require significantly more investment.

The final cost of developing a mobile application is calculated based on the listed points. Smart planning, careful technology selection and effective project management can help optimize costs and ensure project success. The 1 Web Development team will take into account all possible costs, optimize the development process and help avoid unexpected budget increases.

Prices for mobile app development


The cost of developing an application for iOS and Android operating systems
from $8,000


The cost of developing an application for the Android operating system
from $5,000


The cost of developing an application for the iOS operating system
from $5,000